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Author Tamara Gabriel is a multi-talented creative, taking the role of singer-songwriter, poet, presenter, actor and voice-over artist. Before finding his success, however, he struggled with addiction. Luckily he was able to find the strength, courage and support to recover. Enriched by these difficult experiences Gabriel is now using his insights to guide others in the right direction and seeks to empower those grappling with similar challenges.

Gabriel is currently operating as Chief Executive of the charity ‘From Rehab To Life Foundation,’ which provides much needed support for those who are ready to move away from addiction via counselling and workshops.

He has also channeled his experiences into both an autobiography and album. Gabriel’s inspirational autobiography ‘From Rehab To Life’ can be found at Amazon and all good bookstores. His album ‘XGangster’s Odyssey’ is available from Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

All proceeds of the book and the album go straight back into the charity

Message from Tamara Gabriel AKA Vander Peter Pierre:

Be a part of the healing process in our communities, support our cause, and make a difference for the better

’There is no recovery without honesty, therefore, to thine own self be true’’

SCRUMPING - a poem by Tamara Gabriel SCRUMPING

No more climbing over someone’s fence to steal

their apples!

No! it’s not stealing, in the name of scrumping was

our defense.

After all they’d only fall and rot on the ground.

We’ll give mama some cooking apples, to make

apple pie and save her some pounds.

At first, it all seemed to make sense, until chocolate

bars slipped into our pockets to save us some


From Chocolate bars to prison bars, through which we observe

moon and stars.

Wondering where it all went!

Then a voice said, didn’t you think to ask? NO!

WHY? Because they’d only say no!


But sooner or later you’d get a yes!

And the apples you’d receive wouldn’t be cursed but blessed.

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